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“D100”, graphic D100, key visual for the event comming.

As a part of the committees I hv been invited to create the key visual for developing design to be an actual poster for D100 event from THAIGA, thai graphic association. I have came up with various idea with the energy of young teen drive in along the road, so here are some of the design that i went through but at the end the one with the big D, third from the top on the left hand side was chosen to develop for the real poster.

Thank you everyone and พีป๋อง in Thaiga krub.

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I had created and designed a motion grpahic for the for the opening sequence of Waco “Ping Ping” product launch at digital gateway siam square.

Art&design Direction by Shy

Animator by Milk

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Yes!!!Come back again with the Tiger Translate 2010 (finale event), which is my 3rd year on Creative Director and Design Director on both terms of conceptual and production on ART&DESIGN platform. This year project i had work with my beloved artist KOB, Spanky, Rukkit, JNSNP, ODD, ISE and MAMACUP. On the art platform went so well because we had known each other for an aged and yes this year we had guests from Australia and Denmark. However as i usual, i had created the concept of fun park which a bit difficult in a way of starting but at the end it such fit with those artist who came along on their own site. This year there were a lot of problems such the space and timing not so chooseable and many problems i shouldnt say it out loud anyway. Fortunately the number of 6,000++ could be the right answer for it yeah? See you next year!!! Oh!!!!Placebo, wooo. Thank you Momentum, K’Kai, K’Pom, K’Pop, K’Tanny, K’Chu, K’Dax, K’Mook

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TOT 3G video presentation

The video for TOT3G presentation for the launching 3G system in Thailand. We have been asked from Matching Studio to create one of the video motion graphic look for this video presentation. It had done in 7 days!!!!

Creative Director/Design Director:  Shy Limanon
Animation and Motion Graphic Designer: Garn
Producer: Aun+

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TOT3G Ending Scence

This is the step of the opening event on TOT 3G, it played when the minister of ICT did the opening ceremony of the event.

Creative Director:  Shy Limanon
Animator: Day

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