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Mercedes Launch: New E-Class at Central Chidlom

November 17, 2009 Leave a comment

PICO Thailand (Organizer) asks Int2 studio (Shy Limanon x Joe Nattapol Suphawong) to do multimedia for the Mercedes-Benz event at Central Chidlom. We implement two features including interactive LED wall at the entrance and car projection (3D mapping).

My part is creating the motion graphic design map to the car with synchronize to the 5 led screen behind the car. Everything about the car’s mapping been fixed in 15 hours before the project begin. For the LED screen is animated by int2 new department head animator by Putthigarn cop orated with Aun our new crew member. The screen is took 2 weeks on process include the visual conceptual + new e-class feature (amazing car). Thank you PICO Thailand for the new experience.



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TOT Screen wall 15sec/30sec

November 17, 2009 Leave a comment

TOT Screen wall for the press launch at Digital Gateway, organized by matching entertainment.


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MakeMeNut Screen wall

November 17, 2009 Leave a comment

I was invited to create the visual screen wall at the party “75th FLR, party in the sky at BIYOKE SKY HOTEL” on 7th novemebr 2009. They party has also invited Joe for interactive wall and Mamafaka for blacklight paint wall.

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Tiger Beer/ ART WALL at CTW

November 16, 2009 Leave a comment

3days 3nights with 3great artist&friend, TUM&GIB&TOR and I had done one of the biggest art wall on the base of art for commercial project at tiger’s beer gallery at Central World. The project is inspired by the gen of art&music that been all over on ourlife. The left art work had done by Rukkit and production assisted by int2 studio team. The middle section was done by Spanky and production assisted by Dec’s people (silpakorn) and the right hand wall done by Tor Pakorn. This wall took 3days&3nights with a lot of beer! hur!!!!!!!! Go go tiger. Here we come again.

Direction Design & Concept Development : Shy
Artist Expression & Concept Development: Rukkit (on Left Wall)
Artist Expression & Concept Development: Spanky (on Center Wall)
Artist Expression & Concept Development: Tor Pakorn (on Right Wall)












thank you rukkit, spanky, tum spanky

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